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28 August 2008 @ 02:02 pm
A lot of my friends don't have blogs. I tell them they should start them because you can say anything and still have plausible deniability, but they still don't want to start blogging.

They say a lot of the reason is because we already work on computers all day, an escape is nice. I say "poppycock!", mainly because the word sounds funny. It's laziness on their part, sure as my posting here once every 8 months is laziness on mine.

So being the nice friend I am, I've started to blog for them.  I sign up for an account for them, and blog as if I was channelling their spirit from another plane of existance.

Now since I'm not with these people 24/7, I do have to make up a lot of stuff for them to whine about.  But that is what we had creative writing classes for back in the days when we actually went to school.

Not wanting to limit this to only friends, I've even started a blog for John McCain.  I figure he's really busy and all, so I consider it like a political donation.  I anxiously await his thanks.  Maybe he'll send me an autographed picture or something.  That would be sweet.
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