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The Life And Times of Warren

Once again some bore rants about nothing...

16 January
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I'm just a simple guy with a simple webcomic. I'm [redacted] and probably just a hair older than you think. If I wasn't lactose intolerant I'd live on nothing but chocolate milkshakes. And sometimes I save the world when people aren't looking. Not for fame or anything, but just because. And for it's faults, it is kind of nice here.

I do some computer type work for a little place in Pennsylvania. I recently moved to an office with a big window, but my back is to it, since I'm staring at a computer screen. But for now it will do nicely, because if I get mad at someone I can change their password without their knowledge. At least until they try to get into their email. Then they call and whine. That's fun.

On rare occasions I get pulled over by the police when I'm driving. But it's never my fault. Nope. Never. Usually it's weather-related, like being daytime.

Today the sun is shining here. Unless I'm in a different today.